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Smart Classes

Key Areas

Covers the key areas for effective classroom teaching:

Sound Reinforcement
Interactive Learning
Presentation Solutions
Technology Integration

Key Features

Easy and quick setup
Lost cost of ownership
Teacher friendly technology
Onsite teacher training
One time investment
Lifetime ownership (no annual charges)
Lost cost of maintenance


The T-6236 Lectern is an attractive public address podium that features all-in-one design.
It includes a built-in amplifier and speakers. A flexible gooseneck microphone and light are provided as well.
A number of input and output connections make it easy to expand its capacity. Available in white or black finish.
Note: Optional Wireless Mics facility.

Clarity Visualizer

Superb technology, Intelligent design

Original hose-are lamp design, free to bend in all directions to control the direction of irradiation.
Specially provided with ESD static protection to keep inside spare parts in safety when pull out/plug into with electricity.
LED lamp for assistant lamp and CCFL or LED back light for base-light.
Camera rotate 350° horizontally, 350° vertically.
Universal wide voltage design, suits from 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

Public Address System

T-6020 Rechargeable Portable Wireless Amplifier

This unique designed amplifier speaker system with microphones is perfect for the following applications.
Used as lecturing amplifier indoor or outdoor, (Especially for dancing and gym teachers)
A perfect address delivery system for in and outdoor meeting, tourism and churches.
It is a good amplifier for interpretation, class teaching and commercial vendor demonstrations.

Waistband Amplifier

Key Features

10 Watts power output
Clear stress free natural sound representation Light weight compact aesthetic design Rugged construction
Long battery life 10-12 hours
Build in rechargeable long life lithium batteries
Designed for use in meeting rooms, class rooms, lecture halls etc.

Clarity MI-BOARD


Clarity Mi-Interactive Board which can convert any flat surface like Wall, White Board, Black board etc in to interactive board and can work up to 100” diagonal. Clarity Mi-Interactive Board is very easy to set-up and portable, user friendly interface.

Mouse Control – It can take total control of the mouse and keyboard.
It has the right key, left key and moving functions. It can write on the screen anywhere and it will not leave any dusty on the screen, it can release non-dusty environment.
Record – It can record the writing and then replay back.
It has screen record, screen capture clock, protractor, triangle, compass, ruler and so on.
It supports screen key board, curtain, spot light and so on.
It has Pen, Laser Pen, eraser, brush pen and so on.
It can be saved in 5 kinds of file format such as .ewb, .bmb, .ppt, .pdf, .html
User can change the pen color, width and background freely.
It can turn up or down the ppt page and making notations on it freely.

Clarity MIBoard - Benefits

Easy to use:

MIBoard software and hardware is easy to setup and learn, it does not need professional technology.

Friendly user interface

Users can define the main function in the tool bar, and also the toolbar can move to any place of the projection
area to meet different teachers requirements.

Full Portability

MIBoard hardware is portable enough to carry or lock in the desk.

Clarity FB150 Interactive Whiteboard

Superior portability, wireless connectivity and interactive presentation solution for business, education and professional use!

Interactive teaching from anywhere in the classroom. Ultra smooth multi-use wireless connection.
Powerful Print to Match Function and more...

Clarity FB150 - Benefits

Portable and easy to carry.
Any standard white board, flat surface (such as a wall) or a projection screen can be converted in to an interactive white board.
The most competitive rates as compared to fixed type interactive boards available in the market.
Clarity FB150 Wireless Interactive whiteboard connects to a computer and feeds real time demonstration on its active area onto the computer screen or projected screen when used with a projector.
Creating a truly interactive teaching / presentation environment.
With the Clarity FB150 wireless interactive whiteboard, teachers can walk around the classroom and present various topics highlight and annotate on the active area.
Students become much more engaged as they can also give real time contributions to the lesson.
This same resourceful setting can also be used in business meetings, seminars, product demonstrations and exhibitions/presentations.

Clarity Wireless Digital Interactive Whiteboard

Combined with wireless RF technology
All-purpose electronic whiteboard…

It had been combined with RF wireless technology, which allows you to move freely around the site of presentation with it, and adding in notations or diagrams easily; you will be able to achieve a brilliant presentation and grab the attention of audiences or students in no time.

Central Control Systems

CCS - Advantages

Special sensitive key-press design to prevents dust and water, may use for long (patent).
Digital volume adjustment inside to adjust volume easily (accurately), output real original voice specially provided with ESD static protection to keep inside spare-parts in safety when pull out/plug into with electricity.
Intelligent controlling, easy to use; functions of use right away when press button, go away when turn it off, projector delay off power off, related screen up/down and infrared decoding.
Password-style infrared decoding function, no need to deploy professional decoding facilities, to use easily and stored more stable, which and decode most functions of DVD.
Unique, stable, strong or weak separation structure, strong electrical power for the projector and screen movements and other electrical equipment supply. For the weak external, for the control circuit.

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